What Does an Art Advisor do??

What is an art advisor, and what role does she or he play in the art market?

As the contemporary market has grown, more and more collectors are chasing a finite number of works by brand-name artists or hot up-and-comers, and they want to be sure that they’re making the right choice. Advisors help collectors buy art by offering a variety of services to simplify the acquisition process.

In return for services such as advising on what artists and what works to buy, negotiating with galleries, bidding on works at auction, and introducing clients to market experts, advisors either take a percentage of the sale price of an artwork—typically between 5%-10%—or charge a fixed monthly (and sometimes yearly) fee.

Miami Gallery owner and Well-Known Art Advisor Mona Tranter


“Simply put an art advisor educates a client, helps to focus their interest, and provides access to the best quality artworks within a given budget


Miami based art advisor Mona Tranter writes:

“When you work with a qualified art advisor you are working side by side with a knowledgeable well informed, educated and experienced art professional.  One who has been in the art world steadily analyzing artists in auction and gallery sales. Good art advisors have a vast network and direct link to artists and other galleries. When working with an art advisor keep in mind that the best Art Advisors place high value on honesty and integrity, qualities which are essential to their successful practice and mission. The top art advisors develop relationships of trust with their clients who always know that their advisor is always looking out for their best interest.”

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