Thanksgiving 2019: Why Should You Skip Your Mall & Visit An Art Gallery?

While most businesses are closed during Thanksgiving 2019, you might always find an art gallery welcoming you to their venue with open hands. Now, you might ask why to visit an art gallery on Thanksgiving, instead of relishing that delicious dinner or watching that parade. There are several reasons to do so, and in this blog, we will help you understand these very reasons.

But before we jump ahead, let us figure out the essence of Thanksgiving.

What is Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving holiday derives its origin from the harvest festival, which is celebrated every 4th Thursday in the month of November. This national festival is believed to have been modeled on the basis of the Harvest Feast held in the year 1621, which was shared together by Wampanoag people and the Plymouth-based English Colonists. This holiday is exceptionally rich in symbolism and legend.

A luxurious traditional Thanksgiving meal generally includes Bread Stuffing, Turkey, Cranberries, Potatoes, as well as a delicious Pumpkin Pie.

Now that you know what this precious festival is let’s get to understand why a visit to an art gallery on Thanksgiving 2019 is a must!

1- Art Inspires Visual Imagination:

In simple terms, your brain is a machine that looks, learns, and adapts. While our brain is an integral part of our system, it rarely imagines or creates memories of things that it hasn’t seen. When in an art gallery during Thanksgiving 2019, you will experience several combinations of colors and designs like never before. Your mind gets a chance to compile all this information and create a visual representation of the same. This, in time, can help with development of imagination and creativity.

2- Words Depicted in Visual Imagery:

If you have ever visited an art gallery, you will see the way modern artists tend to use words in art. Pop artists or modern-day artists also use colorful comic strips to represent their thought process. Not just that, some of the art forms, such as the ones by popular artists like @Canal_Cheong_Jagerroos, represent their thought process through patterns and colors. Looking at the art & paying proper attention to the way artists tend to use words can help inspire the way you use visual imagination for memorizing the foreign language.

3- Create a Mental/Emotional Connection:

While Thanksgiving is all about establishing a mental and emotional connection with your loved ones, you can take this a step ahead by visiting art galleries like the Tranter Sinni Gallery. In essence, artistic representations do not just limit themselves to “visual cortex.”Instead they form a stableconnection with your emotions. Art is something that helps you imagine and establish a connection via emotional responses. You might also become highly conscious of things you are feeling at the exact moment as you watch the art exhibition. In general, you experience heightened senses and awareness as things get more visual. You can easily notice the way this visual experience at the art gallery has triggered the thoughts & responses in your mind. This can be an excellent exercise to boost the current potential of your mind. So, isn’t this a unique and highly-engaging venture for Thanksgiving 2019?

4- Affordable Entertainment Option:

Most art galleries have minimal or zero fees when it comes to welcoming visitors. This gives you a chance to enjoy various aspects of artistic journey without having to shell out a lot from your pockets. As such, Thanksgiving can be financially draining, especially when you are a host to a big dinner. So, you might want to skip the dinner this Thanksgiving 2019 and instead opt for a better entertainment source by visiting popular art galleries with your friends or family. This will help create unique memories without affecting your yearly budget.

5- Stress-Buster:

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you got to relax in a calm and serene place? Most holidays and festivals are a mix of pumped-up spirit and adrenalin boost that surely brings happiness but fails to help you relax. After months and months of working hard at office, you get a holiday that is the perfect way to relax and enjoy. But, with a lavish dinner to cook and decking up the house for Thanksgiving festivity, you might not get a chance to treat yourself. So, you might want to take a different move this Thanksgiving 2019 and go for something that actually helps you relax. A visit planned for an art gallery can surely help you relax and help slow you down a bit to help let go of all that stress that comes from a fast-paced world.

6- Keep Your Kids Busy:

Thanksgiving is a festival when the kids are all charged up, and it is challenging to keep them in line. Now, with all that added stress of welcoming your guests to a perfect dinner, it can be difficult to handle the kids and keep them in line. Kids absolutely adore colors and taking them out for a visit to the art gallery can help engage them into something that helps develop their intelligence.

In a sense, art galleries help keep your children busy while they boost the capacity of their brains. So, isn’t this the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving 2019?


Most people think that visiting an art gallery is something only fancy people do. However, this could be far from the truth. Art galleries open up a world to something new. Just like you love to watch Sci-Fi movies or something like a fairy tale, art galleries are simply a real-life representation of everything that is creative in this world. So, make your Thanksgiving 2019 a unique day with a visit planned to the art gallery.

Wondering where you can spend your Thanksgiving 2019 at? Welcome abode Tranter Sinni Gallery located in Miami. We house a collection of some of the best artistic representations from renowned artists such as Canal Cheong Jagerroos. So, visit today for a relaxing venture to the world where it is all colors and imagination.