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Tranter-Sinni Fine Art forensic has partnered with IACC Institut d'Art Conservation Et Couleur

The I.A.C.C is a French company created in 1979. The I.A.C.C is the first scientific laboratory of works of art in the private field of the french art market. They have since expanded working with artists from around the world.

Created in 1979 by founder Sylvaine Brans, restorer approved by the Louvre museum and national museums since 1964, I.A.C.C developed and set up, with Omer Nessir Brans and now the Tranter-Sinni team the essential variety of analysis adapted to the field of art, in order to determine the quality of the works and a multitude of other information's,  with a completely scientific approach.
This approach is doubled of our expertise in the work of art restoration and by our profound knowledge of painting. These complementary experiments are essential to the good interpretation of the scientific analysis. Any scientific approach would be unthinkable in regard of the complexity of the art painting without this complementary knowledge.

A diversified activity in the art domain

The main objective of I.A.C.C is the works of art restoration and scientific analysis of there clients paintings.

A rare and important expertise in works of art domain

The choice of a laboratory of analysis must be made in a very judicious way. Indeed, any wrong interpretation could have serious consequences for the customers and engage their civil responsibility and penal in certain case, which would be too complex and with a length explanation. Any art laboratory that doesn’t have a long history and experiment experience in restoring and a profound knowledge of the field of art can let the door open to wrong interpretations.

Our aim is to valorize our client’s paintings when they present artistic qualities obvious or hidden. In some cases, it is possible to multiply per hundred times the values of paintings which were entrusted to us: Renoir, Monet, Derain, Modigliani, Pollock and the list continues. Due to our various scientific analysis and the quality of our work of restoration, the IACC have been the number one leading forensic team in Europe and have now branched out to North America to help in uncovering rare masterpieces.

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