Top 8 Budding Contemporary Miami Artists with Massive Fan Following

Located in the state of Florida, Miami isn’t just popular for its exquisite beaches, but also a plethora of reasons which include beaches, amazing weather, culture, history, entertainment, and sports. You can find an absolute artistic vibe with vibrant colors and art décor in various parts of the city. One thing that makes Miami a top choice for art lovers is the fact that the city has been the birthplace of several famed artists in the past. The same tradition has continued with the present-day generation as well. Most of the displays by these emerging artists can be seen in a Miami Art Exhibition.

Here are some of the popular ones that you should definitely take a look at.

Mauricio Gonzalez:

Mauricio Gonzalez, a Miami resident, has been attaining a lot of popularity in recent years. He is soon to attain the status of “Local Treasure” with his intriguing artwork.

Some of his popular titles include:

  • Cape Canaveral
  • Won the Jackpot Quit Painting
  • Theory of the Ripe Mango
  • Show Me Your Ballerinas

Most of the artwork brought together by Gonzalez for the Miami art exhibition is visually captivating & unpretentious with a subtle hint of sexual undertones. This artist born in Cuba has essentially created an offbeat artistic style that truly represents Miami.

Amanda Season Keeley:

Amanda has been a regular when it comes to being noticed at Miami art exhibitions. She is hardly someone who needs recognition, given the fact that she has been exhibiting her artwork since the year 1999. She could surely be considered emerging, given the fact that she has hopped onto a whole new frontier with her projects. 

Text and words have always played a critical role in the artwork created by Keeley. Her work includes sculptures that resemble:

  • Engraved Wall Plaques
  • Mounted Bookshelves
  • Counterfeit Covers from Different Publications


Born in Brazil, GuilhermeMoraes is a Miami-resident who has quickly attained popularity with regard to his contribution to the local art scenario. The artist debuted in the year 2013 with the Miami art exhibition. With 2 solo exhibitions & multiple group shows as his achievements, the artist has surely managed to impress a huge population of art lovers. 

The artist deals with broad brushstrokes and subdued hues to represent his vision. Moreover, the artist also specializes in figures and scene sketches. When looking at his artwork, you can easily understand its meaning and depth. 

Some of the popular work displayed over several Miami art exhibitions include:

  • Autobus (2015)
  • Costureira (2015)
  • A Rosa (2015)
  • Bark (2015)
  • Pontilhismo
  • Sonia
  • Rock n Roll!
  • Pe de pedreiro
  • Drapery

Nicole Doran:

Nicole Doran from Miami is actually an artistic creator that flaunts an amazing character. The artist is popular for the exploration of gender politics & post-internet lifestyle through varying disciplines. Doran is popular for her unique humorous approach to art, which evidently shines through each masterpiece created by her. If you are hunting for the best artwork by this creator, here are some of her popular creations:

  • Independick (2016)
  • Borrowed Impossibilities (2016)
  • Cruel Optimism (2017)
  • With late Style (2016)
  • 32-Touch Points (2017)
  • Vodka Red Bull (2016)

Antonia Wright:

With her multi-faceted style that comprises of photographs, videos, installations, and so much more, Antonia Wright has attained her own fan following in the recent years. The artist gels well with the diverse cosmo-environment in Miami. In the city’s local art scenario that is dominated by photographers and painters, Wright helps broaden the interpretations of artwork. She is someone who proves the statement “An Artist Can Essentially Be Anything & Everything,” apparently true. So, if you are hunting for a good day out for inspiration, make sure you look for the Miami art exhibition with Antonia Wright as the artist of the day. 

Looking for some of the best artwork by Antonia Wright? Here are some popular pieces you should definitely check out:

  • The Second Sex
  • Be (2013)
  • Suddenly We Jumped (2014)
  • So Far So Good (2014)
  • Are You Ok? Havana (2015)
  • Control (2017)
  • I Scream, Therefore I Exist (2011)

Rafael Domenech:

After entering the Miami art scenario in the year 2013, Rafael Domenech has been one to bring together art & architecture. Born in Cuba, Rafael Domenech is someone who has earned praise for all his work. The artist’s work comprises of sharp angles & rigid lines which often appears every now & then. 

The artwork by Rafael Domenech is the integration and interaction of the viewer, work, as well as space. The artist has succeeded in disrupting the boundaries of art and creates a new haven for art lovers to acquire inspiration from.

The list of popular artwork by this artist includes:

  • Collapsible Archive
  • Turangalila (2017)
  • Pleiades: Sistema 10 (2016)
  • Rojonegroorange (2017)
  • 3-Parts Table (2017)
  • Three Elipses (2016)

Marina Font:

Marina Font, an artist born in Argentina and based in Miami, is someone who is known for her offbeat work based on photographs. Her artwork efficiently leads the viewers through a terrain that has previously been unexplored. The artist has expertise in themes that include memory & “Forces from the Unconscious World.” Her work largely includes light, muted colors, as well as shadow art. Not just that, the artwork is inclusive of psychedelic colors that characterize the essence of art born in Miami. The fan-base enjoyed by Font loves her definite ability to convert pitch-black canvas & straw piles into a vibrant piece of art.

The list of renowned artwork by Marina Font includes:

  • Architecture of the Mind
  • Mental Maps
  • Dark Continents
  • The Weight of Things
  • Imprinted
  • Objects of Dialogue
  • Womanhood
  • Memories of the Sea 
Diego Singh:

    If you are looking for the best player in the world of art in Miami, Diego Singh is the one you should definitely check out. The name is fairly popular among artists and art-lovers who every now and then catch a glimpse of the best artwork within Miami art exhibition galleries. The creations brought together by Diego Singh is entirely based on abstract paintings & CAPTCHA text. Not just that, it involves the use of layered blacks, rich blues, deep grays, as well as burgundies. 

    His work is exciting, refreshing, as well as expectedly unexpected. If you are wondering what some of his best works are, here is a list of the same for you:

    • The Vexation of Monologues
    • Closure vs. Exists: Georgia
    • The Indirect Man Bagged
    • Table for One
    • The New Yorker
    • Yes
    • Tapestry


    If you are someone who is a creative-head or someone in search of inspiring artwork, the Miami art exhibition is something you should definitely try out. The city holds some of the best combinations of colors, sculptures, canvases, and so much more. So, plan your visit today with some of the most popular art exhibition galleries and learn about unique artistic experiences represented through canvases and objects that hold meaning.

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