Canal Cheong Jagerroos grew up in Macau, China, in a family steeped in traditional Chinese art.

In 1992, Canal began working in Chinese freehand style brush-strokes on her pattern paintings, inspired by the works of Chinese ancient abstract great master Bada Shenren’s (1626—1705) and with the influence of her mentor Laozi (530 BC), a contemporary of Confucius during the 5th century BCE. All of this influenced Canal’s focus shift to Chinese ancient symbols combined with modern daily elements to extract a dreamlike world. Along the creative path, she has tried numerous creative approaches, both fleetingly and for longer periods, in her exploration of the nature of the material and immaterial realm.

She is often confronted and challenged by positive and negative elements, their resolutions being ultimately manifested in the interplay of novel harmonious expressions. In the process of this exploration, the idea of utopianism started to emerge as she was overlapping layers and layers of her paintings with Xuan paper on the canvas to depict different dimensions overlapping one another. She was fascinated by the different layers of Xuan paper and how the paper texture can create dots and lines and harmonize all elements. She has found that persistence and dedication are the basic elements in art. She has also learned that it is essential to be true to oneself, to keep the heart open, and to never give in.



Canal Cheong Jagerroos (b. 1968) is a Chinese visual artist that lives and works in Helsinki, Shanghai, Nice and Berlin, has won international recognition and acclaim for her unique works of fusing ancient Chinese motifs and contemporary elements.

Canal has enjoyed considerable success over the last 20 years, with over 50 worldwide solo and selected exhibitions to her credit.

In the past 25 years, Canal has lived in numerous countries from Asia to Europe and Africa. The unique experience of having lived in such culturally diverse places, namely; Hong Kong, Shanghai, France, Switzerland, Italy, Senegal and Finland has influenced her work greatly whether consciously or subconsciously. Canal has discovered that walking the line between the east and west, facing different cultures, can be both constructive and destructive, but always inspirational.

Canal Cheong Jagerroos is the Founder of ongoing Art Project ‘Floating Island’ and Co-Founder of art project ‘Blue and Red’ which will be showing in numerous museums in China and Finland from 2018 - 2020.

Canal’s Upcoming Exhibitions:

2018 Salo Art Museum, Floating Island - Tower, Finland (29.09.2018 – 13.01.2019)

2019 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, USA (24.01 – 28.01.2019)

2019 EXPOSE Art Fair, Miami, FL. USA (28,03-31.03-2019)

2019 Jyväskylä Art Museum, Floating Island - Utopia, Finland (01.02. – 31.03.2019)

2019 Art Wynwood, Miami, USA (14.02 – 18.02.2019)

2019 Rovaniemi / Korundi Art Museum, B&RAP, Finland (May – September 2019)

2019 Kunst Och Form Art Center, Floating Island, Finland (06.06 – 01.09.2019)

2019 Tranter- Sinni Gallery, Floating Island, Miami, USA (Oct – Dec 2019)

2020 Joensuu Art Museum, B&RAP, Finland (October 2019 – January 2020)

2020 Chengdu Art Museum-Blue Roof, B&RAP, Chengdu, China

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