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Executed at the same time as the pigments analysis, this method allows for a better understanding of  the painting structure. Repaints, accidents or cracks are revealed and some pigments could be identified. It’s a precious tool for the restorer who works on a painting of great value.

We can see on the picture a red preparatory coat; this exact coat is given by analysis, covered with a yellowish preparatory coat which contains some particles of lead white, ivory-black and red ochre.

The final coat consists in the first example of lead white with a few quantity of vermilion and natural ultramarine. In the second example, we can see a crack which goes through all the layer, we notice a coat of ivory-black added to lead white and red iron oxide with a very thin grain.

These two examples are a characteristic of the technique of Dutch school of seventeenth century and consequently, we can situate this painting in a better way.

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