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  • Peng Qi has been researching and practicing on the subject of “Oil Painting in The Digital and Post Internet Age” for more than 10 years. His artworks emphasize on expressing the features of oil painting in the digital and network age. Peng Qi gets inspires from multi-culture of boundless internet worldwide and Chinese ancient thoughts, transferring the surrounding world to imaginary images in his mind that he later expresses on his paintings. His creations emphasize on the imaginary configuration of the illusions and he has successfully created the Flashing Body series, Eidolon series, Dog series, Phoenix series, Mountain Goddess series, Portrait series, Iris series, Bamboo series, Scenery series, and Abstract series. He creates on diversity themes with his own unique language and skills. Peng Qi is always trying hard to find a new way of contemporary art that bears the characteristics of the age. He combines the traditional oil painting skills with computer technologies and design thoughts, integrating the texture of painting with the features of internet art and digital art. In terms of color, Peng Qi pursues virtual and photoelectric color effects that are different from the nature colors. In terms of space, he breaks through the three dimensional time-space, entering into a higher dimensional time-space, bringing the traditional culture a feeling of modern science and technology, as well as a feeling of the mysterious universe. With the development of his research, the language of Peng Qi’s artworks becomes more accurate and pure.
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