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Commonly regarded as a Minimalist, Robert Ryman’s work explores the manipulation of painting media, often in white or off-white paint on square canvas, to expose the face-value materiality of the applied substances. His monochromatic paintings strive to blend concept and composition, arguing that the purpose of painting is to entertain the eye through the visual qualities of the brush stroke, the depth of the paint, light, and space. Ryman avoids creating illusions or references to reality, instead classifying himself as a “realist” due to his commitment to presenting honeslty in virgin materials. Constantly experimenting with new media such as linen, steel, aluminum, plexiglas, lumasite, vinyl, fiberglass, and corrugated paper, he is committed to straying from familar comforts and the investigation of uncharted territory in order to evolve his artistic practice. Ryman ornaments his subtle pieces by crafting individual hanging and framing devices, bringing into question the work of art and its placement within three dimensional space gallery space.
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