Coral Gables art festival

Art+Artists: The Best Combination at 6th Annual Coral Gables Art Festival

The 6th Annual Coral Gables Art Festival is here, and we can’t be more excited!

Want to experience a whole new side of art? Come down to the Coral Gables Art Festival, where it is all about Kids, Fine Art, Fashion, Home Show, Food, Wine, and More!

Fine Art at 6th Annual Coral Gables Art Festival

With 13+ art categories, the Coral Gables Art Festival is all the more extravagant this year. The fiesta features 200+ artists from different corners of the United States. If you are someone who loves to experience artists with expertise in varying art mediums, make sure you make a plan to visit this amazing space. And while you are here, do not forget to visit us at:

Booth Number: 22 and 24

After the huge success of the 5th Annual Coral Gables Art Festival that was scheduled for 26th and 27th January 2019, the introducer of gala time is back again with popular creators that will surely stun you with their artistic capabilities.

Tranter-Sinni at Downtown Coral Gables

As a team that believes in broadcasting the real-essence of art for the lovers of exquisite beauty, we are a part of this festival. We have brought together some of the best masterpieces from popular artists which include:

  • Simone Monney:
    Born in Zurich, this Swiss artist is known for her knack for expressing creativity via intelligent ways. Her art can mostly be seen in the watercolor medium which helps her create a sense of depth & transparency to the artwork.
  • Cobert C Collins:
    A popular sculpture born in Portsmouth, Ohio, Cobert C Collins is known for his artwork that reflects the fact that life is all about discovering the basic design & relationship between things. His masterpieces are created from the modeling of bronze with stainless steel via direct welding technique.
  • Peng Qi:
    A reputed artist from Beijing, China, Peng Qi is known for his knack in creating versatile artwork with the use of oil painting techniques.
  • Annelie Sandstrom:
    A Sweden-born graphic designer, Anneli Sandstrom, is an upbeat and spontaneous artist. Some of her popular artworks include A Colorful Summer, Thunder-Sky, and Early Morning Glitter.

So, give us an opportunity to treat you with the perfect combination of colors, ideas, and versatile thought processes reflected via art!

If you are ready for this whimsical journey, free up some time for and pay us a visit between 10 am to 6 pm daily at Downtown Coral Gables!