Exhibit Floating Islands 2019

Tranter-Sinni Gallery Presents Artist Canal Cheong Jagerroos

Exhibition “Floating Island” October 19th, 2019

“Floating Island” is an entirely new spiritual space created by Artist Canal Cheong Jagerroos. Apart from her newest paintings and installations, it also includes the materials of her years of creative work. The arrangement of the pieces is full, bold, directly dissecting into the context of the artist’s creative process, and putting on display her process of thought and emotion. In a liberated, immersive and interactive manner, using different lights and mirrors to expand tactile sensitivities and imaginative spaces, the exhibition enables people to es- cape reality via fantasies, and acceptingly heals the spirit.

Canal Cheong Jagerroos

Spiritual Art Space by Canal Cheong Jagerroos| 19th October 2019

After successfully showcasing their talent all over the world, Canal Cheong Jagerroos is all set to be a part of our Miami art gallery. The artist has successfully showcased her contemporary art form at various parts of the globe which include Hong Kong, France, Macau, Shanghai, Finland, Africa, and many other places.
After scouring through various cultures and traditions, the artist was inspired by the vividness and uniqueness of different cultures and the people. Her artwork reflects unique experiences in life. The name “Floating Island” comes from her imagination behind the artworks, where she sees herself weaving each and every color and patterns of the places she visits just like a beautiful “Floating Island.”
Floating Island exhibition at Tranter Sinni Gallery is one of her main project themes which is the calculated integration of both Western and Eastern culture within her masterpieces. Her exhibits suggest that the world of art can help different cultures flourish and co-exist together.

About the Artist

Canal Cheong Jagerroos, born and brought up in an artistic and inspiring family, living in Macau, is a contemporary genius. Born in the year 1968, she has lived and worked in various places such as Shanghai, Helsinki, Tokyo, Berlin, as well as Nice.
Canal Cheong is someone who loves to express the cultural reflections in her arts. She is also well-versed in context of western as well as eastern art. She is known for her artistic experimentations. Using some modernist colors, the artist has broken down the barrier of language with abstract representation of each culture via colors. Her paintings express the elements of individuality and freedom amid cultural tensions. With her paintings, she is able to highlight her very own cosmopolitan spirit and liberation.